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Soul Book

A SoulBook is a soulful artsy project that is fun to make and deeply meaningful and personal at the same time. You’ll create a beautiful chunky SoulBook full of all of the things your beautiful heart knows, but sometimes forgets. You’ll fill it with reminders of important things you may have forgotten about yourself…things we don’t ever want to forget. 

Everyone can make a SoulBook. You don’t have to be an experienced artist to enjoy this fun project.  I’ll take you step by step through the process of making your own special SoulBook. You’ll enjoy working with a variety of art supplies and tools. A beautiful kit is provided for you to make it easy to create your very own SoulBook. You can make your SoulBook as beautifully simple or as artsy and creative as you like!

As a SoulBook Gathering participant you’ll receive the beautiful complete SoulBook kit.

Your SoulBook kit includes:

  • the SoulBook workbook by original Brave Girl, Melody Ross
  •  your pre-cut blank 6×9 inch SoulBook pages
  • the SoulBook Supplemental Collage pack (40 different sheets of beautiful papers, made to fit perfectly in your SoulBook)
  • a pretty floral box to keep all of your bits and pieces in while creating your SoulBook

SoulBook Workshops coming soon!
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