Tap The Caret To Close

“Coaching with Casey has given me new insights and permission to dream bigger. She’s helped me tackle tough topics (like money matters and boundary issues) and unpack those (capital S) “Stories” that were holding me back. From setting goals, and seeing them through, to celebrating my successes, I know Casey is in my corner.”

Heather H.


“Coaching with Casey has been a very powerful experience in my life. It is not often, in fact sometimes ever, that you can sit down and get completely present with yourself, and have someone be there to LISTEN to everything you’re thinking and feeling. And then in addition to just listening, help to equip you with the tools that you need to work out what you really want and need from a situation. Casey coached me through some of the biggest hurdles I have overcome and it was because of her skills and support that I felt and trusted that I was enough to make these decisions.”

Julia T.


“I began working with Casey in 2019. With Casey’s coaching, I was able to better identify and clarify my personal short and long term goals. I found Casey to be highly professional and knowledgeable about personal and business coaching; she was really good at challenging my thinking. Her positive attitude and spirit were an inspiration to me and I always left our sessions believing I could tackle anything!”

Sandy S.